Beau's All Natural Brewing


  • “Congratulations! You have met the challenge to leave behind chemically intensive, water polluting, destructively farmed ingredients and used only organically grown, sustainably produced ingredients to brew an award winning beer.”
    Amelia Slayton, President & Organizer, 2009 National Organic Beer Championship, USA

Every batch of beer brewed at beau’s is certified organic, and extract-free. Our malts and hops are the highest quality certified organic ingredients available.

We don’t add cheap corn syrup, extracts or animal by-products that are typical in mass-produced beers. We believe that quality comes from the best ingredients and superior craftsmanship, not from a science lab.

We use locally sourced spring water, we age our beer properly and we take great pride in producing a beer with slight natural variation.

Our commitment to sustainable brewing doesn’t end there. From our 100% post-consumer posters, brochures and coasters to our enviro-friendly packaging choices like tree-free labels, we approach each decision with mindfulness of its environmental impact. We provide financial support to a host of environmental advocacy groups and we are the first company in Eastern Ontario to engage the Guelph Food Technology Centre’s sustainability division for an energy audit.

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