Beau's All Natural Brewing

Our Beer

beau’s all natural brewing co. has a unique take on beer. we believe that quality comes from using the best ingredients and superior craftsmanship; it does not come from a science lab.

We use local spring water and we don’t chemically alter it. Because of this the mineral content in our water changes with the seasons. That’s how we like it.

100% of the malts we use are certified organic. We don’t use cheap malt extracts and we don’t cheat by adding high-glucose corn syrup. As far as we’re concerned corn syrup, rice extracts and other sugary substitutes for grain is unacceptable.

100% of our hops are certified organic, too, and we’re not afraid to use them! While we make sure that our hops are stylistically appropriate, we don’t shy away from this wonderful spice.

We brew according to style, and we let our beer age. And age. And age. Our beer is clean, crisp and incredibly easy to drink, because we let the flavours come together the way the traditional way…with patience.

We approach the freshness of our beer with the zeal of a fanatic. We personally deliver our beer every week to each individual store and restaurant that carries our beer. We work with our restaurants to make every effort to have clean beer lines and small inventories.

To make a long story short, it really is all about the beer. We hope that our packaging and branding is enticing enough to get you to try our beer; we are a socially and environmentally conscious company and we’re true believers in the importance of good customer service. But no decision is made without considering the impact on the taste of our beer, from our marketing to our distribution and production decisions. We love our beer and we hope you’ll love it, too.

Note: For the fullest enjoyment of beers, please enjoy responsibly within 12 weeks of the packaged date stamped on the back label.

Flagship, Seasonals & Wild Oats

At Beau’s we have one year-round flagship brand, Lug•Tread, a rotating Seasonals program and our Lug•Tread Lagered Ale, is a golden beer that combines the fermentation of an ale with the aging techniques of a lager. This gives Lug•Tread a wonderful combination of subtly complex ale flavours and fruitiness with the crispness and mouth-feel of a lager. This makes Lug•Tread an excellent year round brand and great for sharing with a group that has a tough time deciding between ales and lagers.


Our Spring seasonal, Beaver River I.P.Eh? Is a bold India Pale Ale, designed to appeal to hopheads.

Our summer seasonal, Festivale was created for the Ottawa Jazz Festival and is based on the German alt style, a cousin to Lug•Tread and one of the last remaining forms of german ales.

Our Fall seasonal, Night•Marzen, is a traditional Oktoberfest Märzen, and our only beer fermented with lager yeast.

Our Winter seasonal is Bog•Water, a strong and spicy dirty brown ale featuring Bog Myrtle, an herb used in brewing in the 15th century.

Wild Oats Series

As true beer fanatics know, there are many challenging styles of beer, which have the capability of literally changing how you think and feel about this wonderful beverage. Beau’s is dedicated to exploring these bold flavours and exciting aromas through our Wild Oats series.

In creating the beer in this series, we are not afraid to push the envelope and explore new territory. These styles and interpretations will not be for everyone – they certainly aren’t for the faint of heart. But for the beer drinker that is looking for a taste of something brand new, bold and exciting, then the Wild Oats are just the ticket.

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